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Events in Bevagna and Umbria

Before presenting the events that usually animate our region, except for the year 2020, due to Covid-19, we provide the link of our region for the latest information on this subject:


- April, May, Bevagna  Procession of the Dead Christ, Stroke of the Risen Christ (Easter morning in the Church of St. Michael); 29-30 – 1 May Arts on the table, an exhibition of local products, in Montefalco,  Lands of the Sagrantino shows the market for quality agricultural products and handicrafts, Trevi  Pic-nic in Trevi, Gubbio on May 15 the Corsa dei Ceri.

- from May to JuneCastelluccio di Norcia plain can offer you the exciting spectacle of “blooming“: a wonderful multicolored carpet made of hyacinths, gentians, buttercups, poppies, cornflowers and many other spring flowers. The “blooming” is usually celebrated on the third and fourth Sunday of June.

- at the end of June in Bevagna, the Market of the Gaite gives to the town the charm of the medieval times: visitors can see a faithful representation of some of the ancient medieval crafts and taste in the taverns plates cooked according to original recipes of that time, served in medieval costumes (link www.ilmercatodellegaite.it).

- between late June and early July in Spoleto, the Festival of Two Worlds is held and you can enjoy  a lot of music, theater, dance and art exhibitions (link www.festivaldispoleto.com).

- in the first fortnight of July, in Perugia the Umbria Jazz Festival promises jazz music at the highest level, with internationally artists (link www.umbriajazz.com).

- during the Christmas season, in Gubbio you can see the largest Christmas tree in the world (link www.alberodigubbio.com). Built on the slopes of Mount Ingino, the Christmas tree is made up of multicolored bulbs that create a very special color effect. Every year the lighting ceremony takes place on 7th December between 6 pm and  8 pm and the tree stays on until 10th January from dusk until late night.

It is worthy, however, of visiting Gubbio at any time of the year, for its beauty fine ceramics and its characteristic of being called the “City of Fools.” Even foreigners can take the honorary citizenship, namely the license to be crazy, doing three laps of racing around a fountain, which is located in the centre of the town just before entering the beautiful Piazza dei Consoli.

The largest event in Gubbio is without any doubt “The Corsa dei Ceri“, held every year on 15th May and emotionally involving all the spectators. Three huge wooden candles, each with a statue of one of the three patron saints, run through the streets of the town carried on the shoulders of a team of “ceraioli”, which take turns in the race, when the effort becomes intolerable.

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